This is a remarkable story of a man called Darren Winters who ended becoming an amazing Photographer.

He was born on the 27th May 1957, in Ireland. His family, consisted of his mother, father and a brother and two sisters. He emigrated with his family to Perth Australia, when he was seven years old. He encountered his first, but not last, taste of bully when kids in the neighbourhood laughed at his accent. He decided to change his accent as fast as he could, he learnt not only to speak without the accent but also learn to speak other languages as well.  He became trilingual, speaking fluent French, English, as well as Italian. He ended up in the process, making a bunch of new friends from a number of different cultural backgrounds.

The family, however, did not settle in Perth permanently but moved to Sydney, where his Dad got a job as a plumber in a construction company.

Darren Winters family, however, didn’t have much money, the family had to struggle for every penny. His Mom was good at baking so she baked cakes which Darren and his brother sold by the slice, door to door. Darren hated it when other kids made fun of his family as they often did.


When Darren Winters was in grade six, he fell sick and was in hospitalised for three months with a blood infection, this seriously changed his whole life.